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UpCounsel is wrong about starting a company on H1b

UpCounsel is wrong about starting a company on H1b

Starting a Business on H1b was never so easy.

If you read the article of UpCounsel about starting a business on H1b, they have given you some hope or the way around to start a business. All lawers have been saying for over 100 years that you can create a business, but you can’t work in it. It sounds like all these lawers may have this H1b can do business or not as a chapter in their textbook as every single lawyer gives the same answer, but surprise, surprise..! If you open the immigration law textbook, it is not mentioned anywhere. All these forums and experts keep saying that you can only be a passive investor; I keep asking them why? Why can we not be an active member of an LLC? Which law stops us from doing that? The state gives us the privilege of getting a driving license, which is not written in any law book. Starting a business is a state privilege, and the state gives you the right to start a business. In UpCounsel’s article, line number 10, they said that you need to hire a manager to run a business; my question is, under which law do you give us this guideline?

In the US, even a refugee can start a business. Any US resident can start a business in the US by following all state, local and federal guidelines. There is no special consideration anywhere in the lawbook to tell us who can and who can not start a business. H1b visa doesn’t come with any restriction about starting a business. H1b is a VISA to enter and work in the US; it is not a slave visa. All H1b and H4 are a resident of the USA, which is still considered the free country on this planet.



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