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Can H1b do active business?

Can H1b do active business?

H1b can start business.

Starting a business on H1b is a scary idea. We are worried that our H1b will get scraped or our Greencard file will be put on hold or denied. We also fear our entry will be stopped at the port because we have a business in our name. I wanted to start a business in the year 2011. To find the best way to deal with this, I spend days on the internet. But there was no satisfactory answer to anyone. Then finally, I started to look in reverse. I researched how to register a business and see what questions do they ask in that process.

I wrote a company as it was a straightforward process. By the end, I was an owner of Shah Physical Therapy PLLC and no one asked me about my immigration status. At the same time, I could see some patients privately, and I started collecting checks on my company name. Fast forward to day 2021, I own two companies now. One company H1b for my consulting business in which I teach people on H1b and H4 about starting a business. I also cover how you earn the right to create and actively run into your business.


I have trained more than 400 people in the last five years in my consulting coaching; most of them are from Andhra Pradesh and want to start their own consulting and outsourcing company. The rests are doctors, photographers, eCommerce, restaurants, land and other business owners on H1b and H4. I have claimed on public forums that H1b can do active business. You can find videos on youtube by searching, Manan Shah H1b.

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For the last 20 years, we all believed that H1b could not start a business and H4 can’t earn money, but this is nothing more than a myth as no written evidence stops us from starting a business. I have contacted UCIS, DOL, IRS, SOS, state attorney journals, and no line that I feel may compromise my H1b. You may have contacted lawyers, and they all have said that ‘you can only be a passive investor’, sounds familiar right? Unfortunately, there is no definition of active versus passive working in any lawbook in the labour department or USCIS. So dear friends, come out o darkness and start your business.


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