H1b/H4 Visa

Yes, H1b/H4 can start any active business!

Yes, H1b/H4 can start any active business!

We Believed from last 20 years that we are slaves.

H1b and H4 can or can not do business is a million-dollar question. If you ask any attorney, they say no, you can’t! But my question is, why not? If I am breaking any law, then please tell me which one? If USCIS or any government office wants to take any action against you, they will tell you that you have violated section abc.123(4) or section cbs.923(b) something like that. So I challenge all attorneys of the USA to explain to me under which law you are holding H1b and H4 to become entrepreneurs?

If we follow all immigration guidelines to live in the USA, we also earn some fundamental rights that federal and states offer to their residents. Some of these rights include the right to get a driving license.’ Someone living in Texas can’t obtain a driving permit in the state of California or any other country. One needs to prove that you live in this particular state, and then only you earn all the state rights.

Starting a business is under the control of the state of your respective one. ( Secretory of State) You can still open a business in any other state in the USA. Someone who is not living in the USA can also open a business in the USA. But for now, let’s talk about people on H1b/H4. We are the residents of our respective states. We earn all the rights which the state has to offer. To prove my points, I made some efforts to reach out to state agencies and federal agencies. I contacted USCIS and DOL and asked them, ‘I am on H1b VISA, my wife is on H4 VISA. We want to start a business on the side; what is the stand of USCIS/DOL ?’ They replied to me, and those replies are available on the SHOP page.

I have been doing business for the last ten years now on H1b VISA. I have three different registered companies currently in the USA in other states. Initially, I helped some of my friends, and some of them are making 100K just from their Amazon online selling business; they all are on H1b, and most likely, as we all know, we will die on an H1b visa. Don’t expect that there will be a change in the mindset of Congress that one day, we all will get EAD or green card. Due to the Coronavirus and its impact on H1b jobs is nothing but going to go a little backward.
Attorneys have lied to us for the last 20 years, and we all have suffered because of it.


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